You can afford to go to the Spa, and you don’t have to win the lottery!

0 January 12, 2016



Briefcase With A Million Dollars

You can afford to go to the Spa, and you don’t have to win the lottery!

With all the buzz about the Powerball jackpot, it’s easy (and fun) to fantasize about what you would be doing if you won. Back here in reality land there are just as many things that we have to do everyday just to get through the end of the month. Imagining a day at the Spa may not appear in your budget but I will bet there are enough things in your budget right now that you could easily trim and make yourself a priority. When in comes to how you feel and how you look, it’s OK to be selfish.

Morning Coffee: Now, the last thing I want to do is eliminate my latte. So I practise a little mindfulness and I choose the days of the week that it is the most important. For me, that is Monday morning and Thursday afternoons. Monday for obvious reasons and I like Thursday because it is one more day to look forward to other than Friday. With a latte hovering around $4, not including the tip, your savings come out to $576 annually or 6 massages.

Cable Bill: Well according to FCC the average American spends $65 a month on cable. I wish I was only spending $65 when I had cable! I cut the cord and signed up for Hulu and Netflix saving me $588 a year. Guess how many massages that will get me? I can get a massage every other month.

source: http://www.today.com/money/how-save-money-your-tv-bill-t25816

Restaurant: This is a big one. Nationally the household food budget is the biggest expense outside of the mortgage. If you, like many households eat out 3 times a week at a moderately priced restaurant then your expenses can exceed $480 a month for a couple. Do you have a family? Well you can see where this is going. Try this, eat at home. Not only are you saving money but you could notice a reduction in your waistline as well. My recommendation is to limit your dining out to once a week. Here are the numbers, annual savings for a couple no kids, $3840.00 or 40 massages.

source http://outofyourrut.com/how-much-money-can-you-save-by-not-eating-out/

Gas. Remember all the things you did when gas was nearly $4. Keep it up now that you you are paying $2.31. Keep the tires pressurized, the trunk empty, avoid aggressive driving and speeding (all the things you should be doing anyway) and your annual savings can reach $1300 a year. More than enough to for a spa day every month.

source http://www.ase.org/resources/fuel-efficiency-top-tips-save-gas-and-money-comprehensive-guide

Gym membership: I am not saying don’t exercise, but we do live in one of the best outdoor environments in the country. If you are one of the 67% of the population that has a membership that doesn’t get used then get outside and enjoy it. With the average cost of membership running about $65 dollars you are looking at a savings of $780/year or 8 body wraps.

source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/gym-membership-statistics/

Now you just saved a bunch of money and you didn’t even switch your car insurance. The total savings here add up to $7084. That’s like getting a $590 per month raise. You could take all the “me” time at the spa that you want, plan your dream vacation, and boost your retirement savings. Just saying…

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Ben Holm 1/12/16