Show Off Your Bright, White Smile!

0 October 1, 2015

Show Off Your Bright, White Smile!

Show Off Your Bright, White Smile!

Smile and show us those pearly whites! In honor of World Smile Day, October 2, 2015, check out these helpful tips to care for your teeth so you can reveal a radiating smile.
Professional teeth-whitening treatments are affordable and provide amazing results. Between treatments, try the following methods to keep your smile looking its best:
Apply at-home whitening strips. They are effective! To achieve the best possible results, apply at least six hours after brushing.

Poor a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush. Then, gently brush your teeth. The peroxide lightens stains, while the rough texture of the toothbrush also helps scrub them away.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Make sure it’s for at least two minutes for cleaner, healthier teeth.

Wear lipstick. Bright lipsticks such as reds and pinks make your teeth look
even whiter.

Keep smiling!