Relieve sore Muscles

0 August 22, 2016
Back Pain Management

Back Pain Management

Sore tired muscles can come in a variety of ways, chronic overuse, injury, or physical malady. It can come as pain and stiffness and a general sore feeling in the body. What we are feeling is inflammation of the muscle fibers, a condition called Myositis. This inflammation can be chronic or can come and go due to our activity. We all have to deal with it in some form or another, but how do we prevent it and heal quickly so we can continue on throughout our day?

The Apothecary Spa has the answer in the form of Naturopathica. This product line was developed in 1995 by Barbara Close. Close is a clinical esthetician, massage therapist, herbalist, and has a personal belief in natural health. This product line fits very nicely with our collection of natural organic healing products found at the spa. It echos our desire to promote healing naturally using herbs, oils, and plants.

Our team here at The Apothecary has already had the opportunity to use these products, helping clients reduce muscle inflammation and reduce chronic pain. Not only are these products great for your body and skin, but they have to pass a high standard of testing, procuring the Ecocert Product Certification. Each product has approval for ingredients, formula, labeling, and manufacturing & packaging. All ingredients must be derived from renewable resources and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. A minimum of 50% of natural ingredients must be certified organic, and the manufacturing facility must have an environmental plan, which includes recycling, waste management, and be energy efficient.

So what does all of this mean for the consumer? It’s highly effective ingredients give you the results that you are needing to promote healing, and reduce pain and inflammation, quickly, and you can feel good about using a product that has the environment in its best interest.
Proven ingredients to nourish the body such as Arnica, Sweet Birch, Ginger Root, and Magnesium are used to fight inflammation. As arnica is used to soothe sore muscles and joints, it is also an immuno-stimulant. Sweet Birch is great for chronic pain associated with overworked muscles and joints. The warming effects of Ginger Root is effective in soothing sore muscles and joint stiffness. Those who suffer from arthritis love Naturopathica for its pain relieving effects. The Magnesium flakes used for the soak have 50% more magnesium than Epsom Salts, this decreases the amount of Lactic Acid build up in the muscles that can cause soreness and inflammation.

When booking a massage with one of our therapist ask about our Naturopathica enhancements. Some of the products used include the Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel, an effective anti-inflammatory for acute pain and injury, Sweet Birch Deep Muscle Rub, for more chronically sore muscles, the Mighty Mint Rescue Cream, a cooling shea butter based cream great for hands and feet, and the Alpine Arnica Bath and Body Oil, a warming treatment that stimulates blood flow. All of these products are available for retail, including Magnesium Flakes.

It’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to whole body health. It is easier to prevent than to treat, but we here at The Apothecary can help with both prevention and treatment of what’s ailing you. We have appointments that are available day of, but we suggest booking in advance as to ensure you are getting the therapist you request, and the time that you desire. We also have a variety of Spa Memberships that fit everyone’s schedule and budget. Don’t forget to enhance your next service with Naturopathica, soothe and reduce pain and inflammation naturally and effectively.