Make Your Selfies Shine!

0 November 2, 2015

Look your best for your next Selfie!
Make your selfie ShineLooking your best all the time means your next selfie will AMAZE!

Skin Care isn’t just for people over 40. By now you have noticed the effects of time on your skin. We want you looking your best whatever you happen to be doing.


“Women in their twenties are pretty savvy about beauty these days. Blame HiDef, crystal clear pictures on TV, zoomed-in hi-res photos on the red carpet, and, well, the Internet in general, where any Gen Y-er can find a beauty tutorial or a product review in seconds. Young women know and care more about their skin than ever. And beauty companies are taking note.

“Younger women now are realizing the consequences from seeing aging in older generations in their family and they now want to do everything they can to prevent line formation in the future,” said Dr. Fredric Brandt, New York City and Miami-based dermatologist, and founder of the Dr. Brandt skin care line. “Everything,” even includes injected treatments like Botox.”

If you have been doing all the thing your parents and doctors have told you then you may be alright with just sunscreen. Not to mention other things like partying too much, smoking, and bad nutrition. (Which we already knew.) However there are many of us who have had some trouble with acne, dry flaky skin, and dull complexions.

“[One of the biggest mistakes younger women make] is not cleansing properly which keeps their pores cleaned out and prevents bacteria from leading to inflammation, which is another cause of future aging,” Dr. Brandt added.

Cleansers are not just soap and water.  There are a host of products that can moisturize, protect, and repair damage. A favorite at the Spa for both young women and men,  is the Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser. This gentle cleanser will cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, and protect your skin. Packed with antioxidants (the workhorse to protect your skin from environmental damage) and tea tree to prevent breakouts.

Not sure which direction to go? I recommend a consultation with an Esthetician. Your therapist can give you the rundown on just what your skin is trying to tell you. Ready to learn about your face? You can now book online!
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