In My Own Words

1 March 30, 2016

bwilderSeveral years ago, and after a particularly long diatribe, and several days in a row of venting on Facebook about my life, my mom said, “You need to start a blog or something!” At the time I didn’t think much of it, and I am certain that my mother was being sarcastic. My every thought and feeling about various aspects of my life at the time was being posted, by me, on a public site for all to see. My family, however, didn’t want to hear every nitty gritty, self-pitying thought that ran through my head. So I cut it out and almost quit Facebook altogether. I decided that the world didn’t need to, nor I’m sure want to, hear from me. Facebook is for pictures of kids, videos of puppies and kittens sleeping, Political Memes, and a full on album entitled “What I ate today: The Early Years.”

So why do you ask am I venturing into the blogging world? Well, you may not need to hear what I have to say about how a man made me feel 6 years ago, or read a rant about my brother who would be a perfect stranger to me had we not be related, but I do have some insight, knowledge, and interesting facts about health, wellness, body care, and the beauty industry that I think you ought to know, take it or leave it.

Working full-time, being a busy mom to my own son, and learning how to be a stepmom (gulp, hide my wart) to my man’s daughter, I will do my best to correspond each week about a particular topic relating to spa life, health, beauty, and the like. Feel free to send me questions about skincare or body care, and I will do my best to cover the topic in a weekly instalment.

I have almost 15 years of experience in the spa industry, 8 of which I have been a licensed Esthetician, 3 as a massage therapist, and all in some sort of supervisory/managerial position. I have lots of fun facts about skin, bones, and muscles that I hope will interest you. You will also see some personal reflexion on topics that I am very passionate about, mainly self-image and self-care, be it physical or emotional.
Through-out my years as a skin care and massage therapist I have learned a lot about how to take care of myself, and not just physically. It is as important to practice healthy habits and be beautiful in your soul.

Be good to yourself, and you can be good to others,



bwilderBeth started her spa career as a locker room attendant at a luxury hotel in downtown Seattle. During the 15 years that she has been in the spa industry she has been a Spa Concierge, working the desk, Spa Manager, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and Lead Provider. She is currently practicing Massage Therapy and Esthetics at The Apothecary Spa located in The Majestic Inn in Anacortes, WA. There she holds the position of Lead Provider, as well as works closely with Ben and Anna Holm, owners of The Apothecary Spa, to ensure luxury standards and help bring health and wellness to its guests.
To book an appointment with her or any of our talented therapist pleases you may book online or contact The Apothecary Spa at 360-299-2112.