Hair Removal

Are you really afraid of a little wax? Waxing lasts longer than shaving and doesn’t irritate the skin like a razor does. It hurts less than plucking one hair at a time and is effective on just about any area except the head and beard. Back, shoulders, chest, stomach, ears and nostrils all feel and look better when they are smooth and hair-free. That “unibrow” look can be separated into two distinct brows. Many men overlook the growth on their ears and in their nostrils that are noticeable to others when close-up.


Eyes – $20
Ears – 2o
Nose – $10
All 3 – $45

Hands/Knuckles – $25
Neck & Shoulder – $35 – $55
Chest – $55 – $75
Back – $70 – $80