Couples Massage: Date Night Done Right

14 November 12, 2014

Couples massage

Why you should choose a Couples Massage.

Looking for  a fun way to enjoy some quality time with your partner? Has dinner and a movie just become a little too routine to be considered quality time? As we try to break out of the everyday rut and spend our time with our partner it can be hard to come up with something new that both of you can enjoy; not to mention how hard it can be to get away after you have kids and date night starts to sound like more of a chore than quality time. If that starts to sound like familiar territory than a massage might just be the answer to you are looking for. At The Apothecary Spa in downtown Anacortes, WA, we have just the thing. Enjoy a side by side couples massage in a relaxed, peaceful setting. Both of you will be in the same room for that feeling of closeness and togetherness that you have been looking for. Two Massage Therapists will work in tandem on each of you and work out all the kinks of the day, and prepare your for the rest of your evening together. Consider it a mini-vacation together as the long, flowing massage strokes melt your tension and perk your senses.

For the ultimate romance experience, upgrade to the Candle light couples massage in the Serenity room, our deluxe couples suite. Enjoy a 90 min massage in the warm glow of candle light. Add some wine for an extra charge.

couples massage

Couples Massage

60 minutes – $220


Candle light couples massage

Upgrade to 90 min side by side massages in a romantically illuminated setting $275

Need a little more inspiration? Before you get stuck in the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”, head on over to Pinterest for a some more date night ideas. I really like the Iron Chef Date night.