Behind Every Successful Woman is a…Woman

0 February 3, 2015

A business woman working on a laptop
In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate a few of the women who have played an integral role in the development of modern-day health, wellness, and beauty. After all, ladies….don’t you think they deserve recognition???
Read on to learn about the important contributions of these very smart, talented women.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny

This explorer studied the rehabilitative effects of muscle exercise on infant paralysis and eventually on patients suffering from polio. She is credited with discovering the field of rehabilitative medicine, which was the foundation for today’s physical therapy.

Mary Kay Ash
We all know who this business-savvy lady is! The founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, she provided thousands of women the opportunity to achieve personal and financial success through the sales of her famous cosmetics line. And, hey, some of these aspiring entrepreneurs even got a pink Cadi out of it. Not a bad gig!

Martha Matilda Harper
Love getting your hair shampooed at the salon as you lay back and relax? You can thank this business visionary for that. Martha Matilda Harper discovered retail franchising in the late 1800s and built a network of more than 500 hair salons, owned by women she trained. And, yep…she invented the reclining shampoo chair we love so much!

Clara Barton
Clara Barton was a schoolteacher turned nurse during the Civil War. During a visit to Europe, she worked with a relief organization known as the International Red Cross. Upon her arrival back in the states, she petitioned for an American branch. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881, and Barton served as its first president. Could you imagine life today without the Red Cross? Neither can we.
Virginia Apgar, M.D.
This pioneer was a physician who created the Apgar Score for assessing newborns, allowing those in need of medical help access to it immediately. The crucial result of her work is a reduced infant mortality rate. Amazing!

These next two ladies really hit the nail on the head as far as daily provisions with these inventions:

Josephine Cochrane
One thing most women can agree on…we hate washing dishes! Lucky for us, Josephine Cochrane concocted the first mechanical dishwasher in 1886 and presented it at the 1893 World’s Fair. We simply can’t come up with enough ways to thank her!

Caresse Crosby
We have mixed reactions on this one…you’ll have to decide for yourself. Caresse Crosby is the renowned inventor of the first modern bra, which was patented in 1914. Friend or foe….what do you think?

While these examples do not even scratch the surface of the many contributions of women in history, they certainly exemplify the power of a strong woman who is not afraid to aspire to be all that she can be.

Mother Theresa said it best:

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
These ladies most definitely cast their stone!
Attention, all women!

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