8 Tricks to Beat the Heat this Summer

0 May 19, 2014

8 Tricks to Beat the Heat this Summer

without the A/C

a woman standing in front of a fan

Beat the heat without the A/C

We are heading into June HEAD first and have already had a handful of gorgeous 80 degree days. If you have had the opportunity to get out on the water then I am extremely jealous. While I have only had the option of enjoying the weather behind glass, there is one part of this warming trend that I could do without.  I am talking about sleeping in a sauna, or two inches from the surface of the sun.  I (unlike) my wife require a cooler temperature at night in order to fall asleep. I even purchased and air conditioner last year just for my bedroom.  The a/c worked beautifully. The power bill that I received a month later? Not so much.  This year I am going to sell the thing and that means I will need to be a little more creative to beat the heat..  Here are a few thing I have tried and will be trying very soon.

1. Get a little loose.  Your garment choice this summer should be loose fitting like a soft cotton shirt and shorts or underwear.  As far as going Au natural, there are two schools of thought on that front.  There are those who think it keeps you cooler and those who think that it keeps the sweat of Summer’s heat stuck to you. It’s a personal choice thing.

2. Think like your Grandmother.  Did you know your ice box used to use a block of ice to keep your veggies fresh? The same principal applies here. Place a large mixing bowl or roasting pan full of ice in front of the fan.  As the ice melts it will cool the air above the bowl which the fan will circulate. That same air is going to have a little moisture in it as well which is going to feel amazing.

3. Create a breeze. Instead of pointing the fan straight at the bed and blasting a superfast column of hot air right at you, use the fan to create a little breeze. I like to point the fan out the bedroom door on the opposite side of the room, I’ll open a window. As the warm air is pushed out, cooler air is pushed in through the window. Within a minute you will notice that the air smells sweeter and you feel a whole lot cooler.

4.  Go solo. I really love to cuddle with my wife and our two year old still shares the bed. This is like sleeping two inches from the surface of the sun. I can feel the waves of heat pouring off of them and onto me.  There are nights that the couch is my only salvation.

5. Unplug. All of the devices we have all create heat. Even when they are “off” there is still current running through the device.  Reduce the heat in your home as well as save energy (thinking green here) by unplugging any appliance that is not in use.

6 Get some grains! Rice and buckwheat aren’t just good to eat but if you want a cold compress for really hot nights and don’t want to sleep in a puddle, fill a tube sock with rice or buckwheat and throw it in the freezer an hour or so before bed. It will stay cold for 30 min which should give you just enough time to pass out.

7.  Hang out. Cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze blowing in will quickly bring down the room’s temperature.

8. Avoid the stove. Summer is not the time to whip up a piping hot casserole or roast chicken. Instead, chow down on cool, room-temperature dishes (salads are clutch) to avoid generating any more heat in the house. If hot food is in order, fire up the grill instead of turning on the oven. And swap big meals for smaller, lighter dinners that are easier to metabolize. The body produces more heat after you chow down on a huge steak than a platter of fruits, veggies, and legumes.