Bad Skincare Habits! What you need to know.

0 February 3, 2016

Eliminate Bad Skincare Habits!

Eliminate Bad Skincare Habits!

Are you taking care of your skin as well as you should? Are some bad skincare habits wrecking all the work you’ve done? We know you have the best of intentions with your skin care routine. However, even with all of your effective habits,chances are there some bad skincare habits you need to eliminate NOW!  See if you’re doing any of the following…

Bad Skincare Habit 1

Wearing makeup during workouts. Wearing makeup during workouts can clog pores, causing breakouts in the T-zone area. Sweating opens up pores allowing dirt, bacteria, and yes…makeup in. Keep facial wipes with you so you can remove makeup before workouts and reduce chances of clogging pores.

Bad Skincare Habit 2

Picking your face. Picking at a pimple that is not ready to be extracted may cause a rupture below the skin surface, which will lead to more breakouts. It’s best to let your esthetician safely and effectively perform extractions.

Bad Skincare Habit 3

Sleeping with makeup on. Come on ladies…this is a huge no-no that we all are aware of. It is vital to wash away all the excess oil and bacteria that your skin produced throughout the day. And it is especially important to wash off the pore-clogging makeup that was on top of the oil and bacteria.  Gross!! Need we say more? Wash your face EVERY NIGHT before bed!

Bad Skincare Habit 4

Smoking.  Smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth and gives your skin a dull, blotchy, worn look.   It makes you look so much older than you actually are…and no one wants that!  Put the cigarettes down…no excuses!

Breaking these habits will help prevent premature lines and other signs of aging, revealing soft, younger-looking skin.

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