Don’t Let Acne Get in the Way Anymore!

0 February 3, 2015

Find an effective acne treatment to reveal a clear complexion.

A woman getting a microderm treatment at a spa
As we strive to meet our personal goals for 2015, the mirror looms ever larger as a reminder that it’s time to finally take control over those bothersome breakouts. This is the year that you’re not going to let acne get in the way anymore! We know exactly how you feel and we’re here to help. Here are some great acne treatment ideas to put your best face forward.

Acne Facials

When it comes to acne, don’t under estimate the tenacity of those problem pores. You scrub, squeeze, and beg but they just don’t budge. That’s where facials come in. Estheticians carefully evaluate acne-prone skin and use a variety of effective treatments to help clean out stubborn pores. As an acne treatment, facials go right to the root of acne to physically open clogged pores and remove the dead skin cells that are stuck inside. Steam, medicated cleansers, exfoliating treatments, and calming masks work together to gain rapid control over acne-prone skin.
Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another acne treatment that rapidly clear acne-prone pores and leave the skin looking fresh and clean and feeling soft and smooth. Using gentle peels to penetrate problem pores and chemically loosen dead, sticky skin cells, peels can effectively control acne breakouts leaving a clear complexion behind.


An alternative to chemical peels, microdermabrasion is another form of skin exfoliation that can target clogged pores in acne and acne-prone skin to clear acne breakouts. By gently removing superficial skin cells overlying blotchy patches, skin discoloration caused by previous breakouts can also be improved.

Acne Skin Care

How many half-used bottles of acne washes and highly advertised creams are sitting in your medicine cabinet or on your bathroom shelf because they just don’t live up to their promise? This year, make it a point to use the most effective home care acne treatments that can really make a difference. A visit with The Apothecary Spa skin care professionals can help to structure an effective regimen that