5 Grooming Tips

0 April 7, 2015

In August of 2014, I began growing my beard out in order to get a jump-start on “No-Shave November.” I wanted to make sure that when the time arrived, I wasn’t “stubbling along” like many of my friends would be after committing to the bladeless month. When November came to pass, I realized that I was very fond of my new growth. I had developed a very personal relationship with my beard. It was something that I enjoyed. I knew I was in for the long and glorious haul.

I desired to have the “epic beard” that I saw in the pictures, but had questions. How did they get that way? What is the real difference between those beards and the wiry hair on my face?


Source: www.urbanbeardsman.com

If you want an epic beard then get in the know here on what you can do to make it awesome.