10 Things to Avoid for Radiant Skin

0 March 11, 2014

Radiant skin has the ability to transform us, to take us from drab to stunning. And yet we find ways to abuse it. Here are 10 things we can all stop doing in an effort to make our skin glow:

radiant skin

Going unprotected.
We’re all bright enough to know that sunscreen is a must. It protects us from burning, wrinkling, and other signs of premature aging.

Soaping it up.
Using soap instead of cleanser on our faces is a sure way to strip our skin of healthy oils, leaving us with fine lines that aren’t actually very fine at all.

Squeezing when we shouldn’t.
As tempting as it may be to pop them to Kingdom Come, leave the mitts off the zits.

Getting all touchy-feeling.
It’s impossible to keep our hands clean, so try not to touch your face as you go about your day. There’s no reason to introduce germs to your pretty mug.

Becoming aggressive.
There are a ton of at-home products that promise you a spa-like chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Exhibit extra caution if you decide to try one of these kits. They can be damaging in the wrong hands. A professional is always the best choice if you’re wanting to affect bigger change in your skin than simple exfoliation!

Lighting up.
Smoking impairs blood flow, meaning less oxygen and nutrients can get to our skin. Plus, there are at least 4,000 different chemicals in tobacco and many of them are known to damage collagen and elastin.

Eating like a kid home alone.
Just because we’re adults and can choose our own meals doesn’t mean we should toss out the food pyramid. Plenty of colorful fruits and veggies will make our skin glow from within.

Drinking the wrong things.
Okay, this is admittedly a drag, but caffeine and alcohol sap our skin of hydration, leaving us prone to wrinkles.

Not drinking the right things.
Water. Water. Water. Enough said.

Skimping on the moisture.
Find a moisturizer you adore and bathe your skin in it for a dewy appearance.

Keeping skin looking healthy and beautiful is a full-time job, but no need to stress about it. Give us a call at and we would be more than happy to schedule a free skin analysis for you or suggest a skin care regimen, tailored to meet your individual skin needs.